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my name is alice im 20 im from melbourne. my art tag is good you should check it out ☺

"I knew it wasn’t too important, but it made me sad anyway."

look here if you feel bummed


I keep trying to summarise the last six months in Australian border politics for people outside Australia but all I can come up with is: I feel an intense sense of panic that something is happening that will be looked back on by almost everyone, once enough time has passed, as shocking passive acceptance of great evil. And the same people who do this now will try and smooth it over and create a narrative of inexorable progress that exonerates them from reflection, will say then, like they say now, “well, they didn’t know any better at the time” or “nobody knew what was really happening” and there won’t even be anything to point to to say we did, we did, we knew, or at least we knew there was something to know and chose not to investigate… People are being handed back to their torturers, people are being murdered, killing themselves, people are being disappeared by the Government before they can testify about these things. Please find out about what is happening to asylum seekers coming to Australia, please talk about it, please protest your local Australian embassy, please boycott Australia, please hassle Australians you meet about it, p l e a s e


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okay tumblr bye i’m done i’m out


okay tumblr bye i’m done i’m out


Making a Predynastic Egyptian Style Pot.

Brian Zimerle of the Oriental Institute at the University of Chicago demonstrates and explains the techniques that would have been used by potters in the Egyptian predynastic period (c. 6000-3000 BC). 2/3.

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